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Donations of food can be made in a number of ways, for smaller domestic donations, please feel free to drop them directly to our warehouse at

122 Williams Street, Kaiapoi between the hours of 9-3pm each weekday 

Larger or more regular food donations may be able to be collected, please call 022 184 0357 or email us using the button below.  Please check our list below to ensure your food meets our donation criteria. 

Donate Food Now

Food Preparation for Donation

Did you know that when you donate food in New Zealand you are protected by the 2014 Food Act?
As long as food is fit for human consumption at the time of donation the food donor is protected from civil and criminal liability.
Preparation of food to be donated:

  • Please provide food that is free from defect (other than that set out in our ‘Food that may be donated’ section). ​

  • Please box or bag food suitable for donation prior to collection/delivery. ​

  • Please date/label food, as appropriate. ​

  • Please read and be familiar with the Donating Food Guidance in the Ministry for Primary Industries Food Control Plan - Basics Pack Template (section 5.21).


Food that may be donated

Please donate food that would otherwise be thrown out but is still fit for consumption, including:​​
  • fresh produce, even with some bruising/decay

  • chopped fresh produce

  • prepared foods that are excess to requirements

  • frozen or fresh meat

  • frozen poultry

  • dairy products

  • eggs

  • frozen foods

  • pre-packaged foods or meals in original packaging

  • non-alcoholic beverages

  • pet food

Food that cannot be donated

Please DO NOT donate any of the following:​​
  • oysters and other high-risk seafood

  • anything containing alcohol

  • energy drinks and chewing gum

  • food where the packaging has been damaged so that the sanitary seal has been compromised

  • produce that is completely decayed

  • general rubbish e.g. cut scraps or floor sweepings

  • any food that is past its “Use By” date

  • any food that is three months past its “Best Before” date

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