Our People

Our Staff

Helen Kelly


Helen has been employed as our Driver since March 2019. 

She started as a volunteer with Satisfy in 2018 and was pleased to be able to continue her passion for food rescue and making an impact within her community becoming employed at Satisfy. Her uplifting and positive attitude is a valuable asset when working with our volunteers, donor organisations and recipients on a daily basis. She is key to building strong relationships at a store level with our regular donor organisations to rescue as much food as possible for Satisfy to distribute to our community.

Cameron Crawley

Operations Coordinator

Cameron has been employed as our part time Operations Coordinator since September 2020. He is a recent graduate from Victoria University and is extremely passionate about sustainability, food waste and finding ways to help organisations thrive. Studying geography and
environmental studies opened his eyes to ways in which collectively people can create a sustainable
future and a better quality of life for everyone to enjoy. Cameron will be integral part of our day to day operations, building strong and meaningful relationships with our volunteers, recipients and donors.

Stef Van Meer


Stef has been employed as our part time Coordinator since March 2017 and has recently taken on the role as Satisfy Manager. Coming back to the workforce after 11 years as a stay at home Mum, she has spent a lot of that time volunteering for the local school PTA and her daughter’s gymnastics club. With a strong background in marketing and administration, Stef is dedicated to using her skills to assist organisations with their strategic direction. She has a passion for building relationships and working with the Satisfy volunteers to create a strong and valuable team has been the high point of her role so far.

Michelle Campbell
Distribution Coordinator

Michelle has been employed in the role as part-time Distribution Coordinator since June 2017. After taking time off to raise her children, she returned to the work force doing office accounts before joining Satisfy. Michelle has a background in inventory control and logistics and has enjoyed working closely with our recipients and volunteers. Working with Satisfy to reduce food waste and redirect it to the local community has been especially rewarding.


Phillipa Hunt


Phillipa is a Professional Engineer who has worked in the field of road asset management for the past 17 years.  She has been involved with clubs and charitable organisations her whole life, serving as a committee member of Craigieburn Valley Ski Club, leading youth ministries and womens’ ministries thorough her church involvement. She has a passion for the environment and sustainability and has always actively encouraged living lightly.

Tina Thorpe


Tina retired in 2007 after spending 18 years working as a qualified Management Accountant in the retail arm of a UK major charity. During her adult life she has always been involved in supporting charities in a voluntary capacity as well as her full time job. She was Treasurer of her local Mothers Union branch for twenty years and Treasurer of her local church for the four years before emigration.  She has always been interested in minimising her footprint on the earth and caring for its natural resources.

Cushla Fitzgibbon


Cushla teaches at Rangiora Borough School and has been teaching for 25 years. She loves being involved in children’s and adults' learning and previously organized Adult Education for 17 years, coordinating various courses. She lives with her family on a lifestyle block in Ashley Forest and loves weekends exploring the forest area through walking and mountain biking. She also loves being creative and making things which includes her hobby of cheese-making. Cushla hates to see ANY waste and is excited by the concept of making something out of ‘not much’!



Anne has spent most of her working life in country communities in partnership with her husband in small business. Firstly, owning and operating an International Harvester farm machinery franchise and in later years growing export flowers. She took a hands-on management role in both enterprises and developed skills in negotiating and networking. Positions held along the way include all the usual country callings, including Chairperson and Secretary of the School Committee and Play Centre, local church administration and finding help for fundraising projects.  As a flower grower she took a prominent local industry role in growers’ associations and spent three years as Chair of the NZ Calla Council.

Kathy Boyland


Kathy is a middle manager at Rangiora High School and has been working with young people since she was a teenager. She has experience leading committees and is a self-starter. As an English Teacher, Kathy brings strong verbal and written communication skills to the team. She enjoys coming up with innovative ways to solve problems. Kathy has been involved in catering for camps and groups for many years and knows how to make a little go a long way. She has a passion to see food get to those who need it, and to see local young people and families thriving physically and emotionally.