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Food Rescue - From potential landfill to table!

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

As a food rescue organisation, Satisfy acts as the middle-person between the food industry (i.e. food retailers, wholesalers or growers) and existing local community organisations and charities (e.g. food banks) that are already helping out those in need.

Supplying nearly 40 of these recipient organisations, we are always so warmed to see where the food we rescue ends up once it leaves our warehouse.

On the 6th of March 2023, Satisfy Food Rescue picked up three pallet loads of fresh, quality meat from Hellers. Totalling a whopping 300kgs!

One of the recipients of this meat donation was the Latimer Square Soup Kitchen, who have been feeding the homeless and those struggling to make ends meet in Christchurch City on a Monday night, for the past 12 years.

As the cost of living is rising and therefore demand increasing, meat has become a real luxury for many people in our community.

What makes this donation from Hellers so special, is that the Latimer Soup Kitchen is just one of many organisations who received this wonderful food. As the soup kitchen alone feeds 60-90 guests every Monday, imagine just how many people got to benefit from this massive amount of meat rescued!

This is what gets our 30 plus volunteers inspired every week, come rain or shine!

Reducing landfill, redistributing edible food, and seeing people whom might not have been able to eat a particular meal, be nourished.

We are incredibly proud to be in partnership with such amazing donors, growers, and retailers; and of course the foods banks, community organisations and schools who are on the ground helping those in need.

It certainly takes a village to tackle waste reduction, food security and hungry bellies!

Latimer Soup Kitchen - where 60-90 guests are fed every Monday night in Christchurch City. This is just one of almost 40 organisations receiving rescued food from Satisfy and feeding those in need.

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